NEW Book, Turn Here Sweet Corn, Celebrates Organic Farm Victory


Paula (L) and Atina Diffley (R) Celebrate Release of Turn Here Sweet Corn

Turn Here Sweet Corn, a poignant and powerful memoir by organic farmer, Atina Diffley, is a compelling lesson in organic farming, a powerful family drama, a love story and a legal thriller.

Atina and I first met in the spring of 2006, when Minnesota Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of mammoth Koch Industries, proposed to locate a crude oil pipeline right through the middle of the Gardens of Eagan organic farm. Atina and her husband, Martin Diffley, were committed both to preventing the destruction of their 100-acre organic vegetable farm and to ensuring that other organic farms obtain protection from pipelines and power lines proposed across their land.

I represented Atina and Martin and we gathered scientific and legal evidence, allies and citizens to oppose the pipeline location and to argue for an Agricultural Impact Mitigation Plan specific to organic farming. We obtained township and county resolutions, collaborated with organic food coops, organic consumers and the State Department of Agriculture, filed expert testimony and engaged more than 4,500 citizens who asked that the Gardens of Eagan farm and other organic farms be protected from pipelines.  A recent article in Minnesota Lawyer LegalVictoryOverKoch describes the David and Goliath victory. A more detailed analysis of the legal case is contained in the  Drake Journal of Agricultural Law  (DrakeAgriculturalLawJournal).

Turn Here Sweet Corn is a surprising page-turner, passionate, funny, wise and ultimately hopeful – both about our relationship with the earth and about our relationships with each other. You can buy a copy on line from the University of Minnesota Press at U of M Press – Turn Here Sweet Corn

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