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Telling the U.S. Forest Service Don’t Trade our Land Away

Yesterday was the official deadline (although comments after November 29 will still be considered) for comments on the scope of analysis that the U.S. Forest Service must complete before trading away 6,650 acres of Superior National Forest land in order … Continue reading

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Victory – Manganese Health Standard Preserved!

Just last week, we called for action to preserve Minnesota’s standard preventing excessive amounts of manganese in groundwater. The Minnesota Department of Health had announced that they were planning to repeal a rule limiting manganese in drinking water. Excessive manganese … Continue reading

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Will Minnesota Lose Protection from Manganese Pollution in Drinking Water?

This may be hard to understand, but just as the pressure builds to permit sulfide mining and processing, the Minnesota Health Department is proposing to repeal the Health Risk Limits that protect Minnesota drinking water from overly high levels of … Continue reading

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More Good News Fighting Power Lines on the Midtown Greenway

The Midtown Greenway CoalitionĀ and many community groups and citizens opposing Xcel Energy’s proposal to put high voltage power lines on the Midtown Greenway have just achieved another incremental victory. Check out the Coalition web site for more details. ( Last … Continue reading

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Landowners’ Rights, Power Lines and Pipelines

Question for today: Will landowners whose property is subject to eminent domain learn about their rights before the utility land acquisition folks come with their small checkbooks and large vats of snake oil to make a first offer? The good … Continue reading

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Minnesota Wild Rice Standard to Make Way for Mining?

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is preparing later this month (November 2010) to propose a rule change to increase the amount of sulfate pollution allowed in Minnesota waters where wild rice grows to 500% of the current limit. The MPCA … Continue reading

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