What Clients Say About Paula Maccabee


Atina Diffley

“Working with Paula has been a life changing privilege for me. The way her face lights up when the challenge begins. She just comes alive! Anytime I start to get lost in the stress of it — I just think of her saying, “Isn’t this fun!” and her calm, steady voice while she’s cutting to the heart of the matter and I can get right back on track.

“It’s as if Paula is able to fully absorb the deeply personal parts of myself, my values, my goals, my interests, take out the emotions I have around them which can get in the way of effectiveness and clear thinking, add her legal experience, education and moxy and completely represent me and my interests. I feel as if she is using all of her experience and skill to act as a professional extension of myself.”

— Atina Diffley, Co-Owner, Gardens of Eagan Organic Farm on pipeline fight

“The Midtown Greenway Coalition hit the jackpot when hiring Paula Maccabee to help us argue against overhead high voltage transmission lines along the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis. Much was at stake protecting Minnesota’s busiest bikeway, including the role that it is playing as a spine for growth across Minneapolis. Her knowledge of the law and route permitting procedures, and her command of the issues including thousands of pages of testimony and hearings exhibits, were flawless. She was creative, aggressive, and absolutely tireless when representing us. The result was a law judge recommendation to bury the high voltage lines below a roadway and engage public agencies in the design of the two new substations planned as part of Xcel Energy’s project. We are tickled with this outcome I highly recommend Ms. Maccabee for anyone else who is faced with their own utility-related David and Goliath struggle.”

— Tim Springer, Executive Director, Midtown Greenway Coalition

“There is no one in the upper Midwest more capable of representing property owners in utility issues than Paula Maccabee. From local meetings to PUC hearings, throughout the administrative law process, Paula’s expertise and extensive preparation were evident.

Trish and Bob Johnson

“It is daunting to challenge a multi-million dollar corporation on a routing issue. The process is designed to be confusing and difficult. Paula’s energy and focus kept us all on task. Without her we would not have prevailed in moving the CAX 2020 route to avoid a number of homes.”

— Trish and Bob Johnson (property owners successfully fighting the CapX2020 ultra high voltage power line)


Christopher Childs

“I wanted to thank you for what has been a fun and exciting three years building the MN Air Toxics Campaign. It has been both a pleasure and an honor to work with you. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with such a talented and dedicated advocate. I’ve certainly learned a lot along the way, and I will greatly miss your enthusiasm, energy and expertise. You should be tremendously proud of what the campaign accomplished in such a short time, and you should also know that you’ve made a significant and lasting difference in the state of the environment and public health in Minnesota. There aren’t too many people who can say that with honesty.”

— Emily Green, Great Lakes Program Director, Sierra Club

“It needs to be said that this Chapter is in possession of a nearly unique resource. That resource comprises the talent, training, intelligence, energy level and spirit of Paula Maccabee. I lived and worked among extraordinarily intense, effective, professional activists for quite a long time; some of them, colleagues at Greenpeace, are heroes of mine; and I can say that Paula functions at a level commensurate with the very best of them — and accomplishes at least as much and quite possibly more. Her ability is extraordinary. There are activists who are effective enough, and who are deeply good and decent people; and then there is a senior echelon of activists who display certain qualities of greatness. Paula falls into the latter category.”

— Christopher Childs; Conservation Chair, Sierra Club North Star Chapter; Former National Speaker, Greenpeace