Truth to Tell – Forum on Sulfide Mining June 12 in Duluth

KFAI’s Truth to Tell program is trekking north to Duluth to provide live television as well as on-line coverage for folks who want to learn more about sulfide mining. See Flyer for Truth to Tell June 12 Sulfide Mining. Panelists will include Paula Maccabee, Advocacy Director for WaterLegacy and Nancy Schuldt, Water Program Coordinator for the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

Minnesota’s first open-pit copper-nickel sulfide mine, the PolyMet project,  is being proposed upstream of Duluth on the St. Louis River.

The PolyMet sulfide mine project could adversely affect 8,000 acres of high quality wetlands in the Lake Superior basin that have been generally undisturbed since the glaciers receded. The open-pit sulfide mine would result in over 307,000,000 tons of waste rock, 168,000,000 tons of which would remain in  a permanent waste rock heap on what is now public Superior National Forest land. Processing of metals from the sulfur-bearing rock would leave 228,000,000 tons of wastes heaped up on a tailings dump that is already leaking pollutants into surface and groundwater.

Every sulfide mine project to date — even those that “predicted” they would comply with water quality standards — has violated standards for surface water, groundwater or both.

Learn more and judge whether Minnesota should experiment with this new and more toxic form of mining in the Lake Superior basin or Boundary Waters Canoe Area watershed.

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